Closing Fees

First Mortgage (Closing):  $225.00

First Mortgage Document Preparation:  $50.00

Document Package Printing:  $25.00

Title Search:  $175.00

TIEFF (Title Insurance Enforcement Fund Fee paid to the state):   $5.00 per policy 

Incoming wire fee:  $15.00

Outgoing wire fee:  $25.00

USPS Priority Mail Fee:  $26.35 (changes as United States Postal Services rates change)

Construction Updates:  $250.00

Commercial Document Package Prep:  $500.00

Commercial Search Fee:  $250.00

Commercial EPL Endorsement (Environmental Protection Lien):  $175.00

Commercial Closing Fee:  $225.00 -$1000.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Transfer fee to the County:  $10.00

Sales Disclosure Fee to the County:  $ 10.00

Pledge lien search:  $175.00

Pledge Agreement:  $100.00

Mortgage Preparation:  $100.00

Deed Preparation:  $100.00

Subordination Preparation:  $100.00

Preparation of Release:  $100.00

Search Update:  $50.00

Multiple tract search: Fee will be decided depending on the difficulty of the search.

Endorsements:  Each priced separately according to Title Policy

Attorney’s Work:  $150.00/hour (if needed)

NOTE:  Fees are subject to change. 

Please contact our office at (812) 537-2535 for a quote.