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Ewbank Land Title, Inc., was founded in 1882 by John William Ewbank and James Ewbank, two attorneys and abstractors who also happened to be father and son.  These two generations set a precedent that continues today, in a line of five generations of Ewbank men, all fathers and sons, who have pursued careers as lawyers in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and own and operate Ewbank Land Title, Inc.

1885 Photo
  • John William Ewbank:  practiced 1882-1910.
  • James Ewbank: practiced 1910-1961.
  • Gerald Ewbank:  practiced 1939-1979.
  • Robert Ewbank:  practice 1978-current.
  • Jared Ewbank:  practice 2016-current.

Other Ewbank men, not within the direct line, have also practiced law, including Richard Ewbank, John Ewbank, Albert Ewbank, Gerald Ewbank, and Thomas Ewbank.  Louis Ewbank, one of John William Ewbank’s son, also practiced law, becoming the 62nd justice of the Indiana Supreme Court and the chief justice, serving from 1920 to 1927.  He also was the author of the noted legal work “Ewbank Criminal Law.”  Also of note, James H. Ewbank was the inventor of a specific type of drafting instrument used in platting surveys.  His patent was granted on October 7, 1913 as Patent #1,074,851.

The fourth and fifth generations of Ewbank attorneys are Robert J. Ewbank and Jared J. Ewbank.  Gerald Ewbank, Robert’s late father, expanded the family practice from the land title, and today Ewbank & Kramer is a full-service law firm that offers services in criminal, family, personal injury, estate and probate, real estate and business law. 

Robert J. Ewbank

Jared J. Ewbank